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Tuğra Boğazkere 750ml

Tugra Boğazkere (100% Boğazkere), Region: Denizli,Turkey This wine releases notes of blackberry, black pepper and dark chocolate laid on a forest floor. On the palate this unique red variety is soft, round and full. Dominant flavors are of blackberries, enriched by a well dosed toasted oak unveiling proper aromas of coffee beans and eucalyptus leaf. The finish is solid on the tongue, but lingering in the aftertaste with an aromatic breath of sweet prunes.  -    Potential Aging of 6-7 years. Enjoy with Plain/smoked/spicy cheeses, grilled/roasted red meats specialties, hearty pasta dishes with cheese/mushrooms or meat,pizza, Asian specialties with red meat.    


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