Flox Wines and Spirits is a family owned and operated independent supplier and distributor of imported and local wines, spirits, beers and beverages.

Since the late 1960’s Flox Wines and Spirits have established and grown key brands in the Australian and New Zealand market and been a company that sources especially fine traditional spirits from across the globe.

The Flox business through family and staff has been, and continues to be, a cornerstone supplier partner with both large retail groups and independent business owners and we continue this relationship today as we evolve our product range to offer new and exciting trending products to our portfolio.

Flox continues to invest in new products and systems to deliver  and support all of our customers, large and small in a highly competitive and dynamic industry. Through our strong operational capability we plan to continue to grow our company into the future.

Since 2016 Flox has worked to  broaden our global and domestic wine offerings with wonderful new wines from Italy, Greece, Spain, Croatia, France and beyond.

Please browse our website for the full range of our products or call us for more information that you may require.